March 16, 2009

Weekend activities


We went to Zoo Malacca last saturday (berjalan aje kerjanya..).We did spent some quality time there. Dhia also realy enjoyed the trip. As for dhia, she had a chance to see her mr. tiger (I keep telling the bedtime stories related to mr. tiger. i dont know why.. but it seems to excite her). Owh.. i did stand a chance to register for election..SPR opened a booth at the zoo for public to register.. yay.. ada gak faedahnya g zoo ni.. hihiihi. Anyway, here are some pics... All pics taken by my W960i.. sbb semua pun tk bwk camera.. tk plan pun nk g zoo ni.. tibe-tibe aje.. so better than nothing la kan..

Anak dobot saya - baby (owh saya panggil dia boss skrg.. dia sungguh marah)

SPR bunting


Mr tiger

Me with mama and dhia

Dhia and her babah


ala lupa nama... but cute

Mr crocodile Bye-bye zoo melaka


Went for kenduri at simpang pertang. My roommie bro getting married. My roomie tk kawen lagi.. beri permission for her bro to kawen dulu. Erm.. sgt kenyang membaham ayam golek Pantai Dalam.. diorder khas dari Pantai Dalam..cedapp...craving for this quite a long time tp boikot tknk beli sbb cepat sgt naik harga.. mula2 rm15, then rm16, n now rm17! so boikot tknk beli(walaupun cedap nk mati) tp FREE?? why not.. hikss

Dr. Along and me.... Dhia tgh usha wedding cake!

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