October 18, 2010

New update !


It's been 11 months.. yes..11months regards of my m.i.a. 11months for not writing anything in my baby blog..i think most of the reason is because life is good..with up and down sometimes.. but still undercontrol.. i cant complaint no more... a few vacations in a row.. a few events.. the big one...angah' engagement.. erm.. have to recall one by one if i want to list down the details.. erm.. mebbe i let it be the sweetest memories for only me and and family to cherish about.. please pray for my strength to boost up to continue live this blog alive.. amin.

Let's share some picture for our 'halwa mata' . Photoshoot for Aidilfitri 2010 i like the most... :)

Cameron Highland

A famosa cowboy town

Installer R&R

Aidilfitri photoshoot



Anonymous said...

thumb up.....tak sabar utk entry seterusnya....:D

Lovely us said...

thanks awk :D