April 1, 2009

Advertisement : JumpSac ring slings

Interesting.. Nice... Comfy.. Please check it out!

Your baby wants to be cuddled yet again...
And the stroller, rocker, swing just doesn't help this time round.
You don't want to dissappoint your little one.
But your hands are fatigued from carrying over time...
And you need to get things done as well!
Arghh the dilemma! Tell us about it!

There's still hope though...
Find that sling.. wear your baby!
It'll work like a charm :)

Baby gets cuddled? Check.
Your hands are fatigue-free? Check.
You get things done? Check.

Now... isn't the sling convenient?
Happier baby, Happier you!
Spread the babywearing love :D

Another online biz by one of my fren..

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