November 7, 2008

One moment in time

Realy like this song.. motivate me whenever I'm down...

by Whitney Houston

Each day I live
I want to be
A day to give
The best of me
I'm only one
But not alone
My finest day
Is yet unknown

I broke my heart
Fought every gain
To taste the sweet
I face the pain

I rise and fall
Yet through it all
This much remains

I want one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be

When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me
Give me one moment in time
When I'm racing with destiny
Then in that one moment of time

I will feel
I will feel eternity


Anonymous said...

i luv this song too - sr

Anonymous said...

Kalau Whitney yg nyanyi power gitu

Just the 2 of us... said...

betui....motivational song... :)