July 1, 2008


2nd July 2008... Here comes my papa 53rd Birthday Celebration. Happy birthday to my wonderful papa, En Zainal Rashid.. Big thanks for all the support and care.. We love you papa! We realy do..

May Allah always give full blessing on you for shower us with your love.. for standby on our side no matter what happened.. for taking care Dhia for me... for still taking care and support me to face my current condition.. I know you work very hard for your family... Your kids will always try to do the best for you and mama, we will make you proud as before papa.

Happy birthday to you...


angah nana said...

angah pun syg papa.. :)Kul doblas smlm dah wish hehe..

Just the 2 of us... said...

aah.. posting ni pun k long tulis kol doblas mlm smlm.. tp wish pagi td.. ngantok ni