March 6, 2008

Things to do

Byk kerja nk buat nih tp kemalasan tahap cipan... duh... duh...

Things to do:

  • Cari box yg ada SAF eastern (misplace dlm store pas org kemas2 store-of course kt ofis) - - failed to find the box.. later la I cari balik.. replace wit the new box
  • Update SAF - DONE
  • Performance report (tula IT ni... lmbt lagi zerorise points... aku gak yg kena... 2 bulan tu beb)
  • Daily broadband report - DONE
  • Follow up pending order dgn IT and Jengka team - DONE
  • Entertain emails and cases and calls - ONGOING
  • Cancel all reservation except Sutra beach resort (personal) - DONE
  • Fax housing loan statement to CIMB (personal)
  • Letak penama to my insurance (personal) - Pending.. cant go thru line
  • Pos tshirt to regional team (kena p pos office la nih) - Later
  • Check work orders and aging
  • Apply for training

Phew... gtg

Happy working

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