July 19, 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date

Actually there is no specific idea for perfect first date. All u wanna do is u want to look perfect and nervous in the same time. Betul tak? hehe

My first date is a few days before puasa.. Just like nowadays. So memang bila nak puasa je rasa berdebar-debar..yang ni berdebar-debar gembira ye.. teringat kembali saat-saat mula berchenta.. aduh.. mata tak jemu-jemu mahu memandang si dia saja hehe..ehhh skrg pun mahu pandang-pandang, jeling-jeling juga ye..

Since he worked in shift basis... I decided to take AL before Ramadhan to do the dating thingy during weekdays for our first date. Why not weekend? The main reason for us not to go out on weekend, is I'm fully occupied with Dhia at my hometown and he was working on weekend (shift maa). So weekdays it is lah kan...

We did watched movie.. our first movie together was SICTM... nasib la he sanggup teman I layan citer gurlish ni.. hehe...

Then goes our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Malu punya pasal.. mak tgk aje Udang besor atas meja... sbb malas nk kopek.. and now he is my pengkopek tegar sehingga kini.. hehehe..he is my loving hubby now.(Since the title is first date and our dates is realy happened during fasting season.. allow me to feel jiwang jiwang eh)

Abang... seronok sangat sambut puasa ngn abang...and seronok sangat sehingga kini. Will refresh our memories later k.. 

Hehehe so conclusionnya... there is no idea of the perfect first date because all first dates of ours is always perfect and sweetest on their own rite ?

Selamat berdatingggg :)

Dating seperti ini selepas nikah ya.... :)


Apa nak jadi said...

apa ini meletakkan gambar wanita yang mendedahkan aurat

Lovely us said...

Bapak apa nak jadi..

Ampunnnn pak....