January 23, 2011

In Korean version......

Jan Di : "There's something I've wanted to ask you from beginning"
Jun Pyo : "What is it?"
Jan Di : "Why was it... me? I'm not pretty... I don't have money or any status.. Why do you even like me?"
Jun Pyo : "Because I have everything"
Jan Di :"What?"
Jun Pyo :"Because I have money, fame and looks...I have them all...I don't need anything...
All you need to be is you.. Just be yourself

I love u just the way you are...
Oooh chentaaa ..
(Drama queen sggh saya ini)


Adek said...

Huda, kenapa hubby awak dah lain rupanya?

Lovely us said...

Ehehee.. encem lagi ke yg ni?