June 10, 2008

Life is getting better

Mmg setiap problem ada hikmah di sebaliknya.. now I put 100% trust on it and totally confident...

These are my precious gift...yg I dpt lately:

- I got Bella..
(for own self-comfort to drive every single week to see dhia)
Bella is more low maintenance compare with the old one( I used to call it Bobo.. but found out in Filiphine, Bobo means dog) dont blame me for do not learn Filiphine language... ehehehe...

- My case finally settle (alhamdulillah)
Just ONE more step to go.. to register the case thingy officially at Pej Agama.. next week will be done..

- I'd few vacations in a row! Wooohoo

Feb (Malacca & N9)
April(Terengganu & Langkawi)

More to come:
July(Another job trip to Pahang(looking forward to Tioman Island(kalau sempat)
August(Another trip to Langkawi with my family, last time just me and suraya)
Jan 09 (Malacca)

April 09 (Bandung, Indon... shopping treat right after Bonus.. how cool is that)

Something demn coolest that I never experienced when I'm married... but I do hope that I will experience the vacation with the one that I love and dhia...later maybe... someday lar of course not now, turns up I never enough spending time with family... ...

- My house loan( staff loan) is approved... Syukur alhamdulillah
Sgt menggegarkan hati dan perasaan... double wooho
I have a something called home for me and dhia... LAZAT...

Errr.. esok kena p KWSP... malas la plak..huwaa

See... I told u... my life is getting better and better.. cuma kadang2 still sedih2 lagi. emo sket2 lagi..xpe la... slow and steady menghilangkan kesedeyhan......

Err... kames jumaat ni I p training fundamental networking... dh lama tggl dh subject tu(dulu blaja major comp networking)...tk sabar nk attend training tu... excited

And I ada event ngn my vendor weekend ni, Installer recognition, relaxs and reward... YEAY!

Jumaat malam I dh start lepak Berjaya Hotel kt Times Square, 2 mlm gitewww... yippieeeee...best jadi committee...
Dh siap planning g tgk midnite right after event kat times square la..minum2 kt sg wang ke...heaven heaven... ramai je dgr rombongan cik kiah yg nk tgk movie ni.. ehehehe

Will update pics after event...chuppp... akan update pas amek dhia ahad tu...dh ronggeng2 kena la manja2 ngn anak lak dulu... eheheh mama mithali ni

Lastly pesanan penaja:
*Shani...teman kita p blow rambut tau... musti nmpk comey time event*
*Aishah... touch up kite tau...ahahaha*

JGN RINDU KAT SAYA: scroll bwh

Huda yg comey

Eh salah



lotto said...

What a great moment of reading blogs.

zaini said...

congratulations for pulling through all the hardships! macho lah ko.. hehe

Just the 2 of us... said...

alhamdulillah.. u help a lot too... tq dear for all the advices and support :)