February 2, 2013

Our anniversary :)


Happy anniversary to me n en Abang
Hope for more years to celebrate :)
This time we both make a suprise.., (selalunya dia je yang buat)

We went for a simple dinner at SR to celebrate the night before..
He delivered a bouquet on the other day..
And i bought him a wallet ( wallet dia dh uzur) and put the gift and the card at driver seat so when he pick up the car to drive back home after office..He will see it.. Of course he like it :)
The night itself.. We really want to watch The Impossible but last minute tix over the weekend? A big no no.. Most of the cinema already fully booked..
Tula tk smpt booking time office sbb sibuk..
A bit frustration there.. So en Abang went to buy some food with Dhia..
Balik2 tgk Dhia sudah tertidor..
So what are we doing at our anniversary night?
Ahem ahem.. Haha

We just cuddling at the sofa..
And watching Grey's Anatomy latest season.. 3 series of them that my hubby manage to download ..
Heaven you..
Watching your fav series .. With the light dim.. On your anniversary night.. And chitchatting about the previous 8 season...that we have seen together..
Gosh u really shud have your fav series with your hubby..then you can talk about it over and over and over again until your old days :)

Owh by the way.. Me going to AZ 3 decades concert this time.. Cant wait to sing AZ songs.. Kena start hafal ni (bak kata ila)

Let enjoy some pics shall we :)

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