December 23, 2011

Sapa bilang busy parent abaikan anak

Puh..tajuk tak hinggat...

But's true yo.. who said parent nowadays abandon their children..complaining of their parent no time to spend with them..Do take my co. environment for example. my workaholic bosses.. my full comitment bosses.. but during this festive season (christmas and new year)..during this school holidays.. they have been on leave for a weeks or two...just to spend time..quality time with family and relatives.

my colleague as well..also leave for a week or two..just to spend time for their child. this dont hit the count of the fees the parent have to pay for nursery.. mengaji class..swimming class.. and private class (ABIM..AMIN.. etc)...plusmore luxurious things( galaxy..etc..) and delicious food(McDonald..KFC..etc.) So i do think the child should be grateful for what their parent doings.

So please child..stop complaining for papa and mama busy times. They love you so much. Just cherish for whatever they did for you. And please obey the responsibilities. Just do your part and let them do theirs. Trust me. Life will be nice :)

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