March 13, 2011

List in a row...

Dhia at Senaling now.. Miss her already... but this is a promise that i kept... let her stay at Mama' place for a week during her school holiday.. kinda regret it but only for a week right.. so what the heck...' ehehe ..abangg... jum sushi king..? ' **tibe2.... ngeeee

So this is the time i try to settle all unfinished thingy that had been pending for long time and some only just started...

Let us see what is the unfinished things... : (sambil dgr lagu Endang S fav old time songs )

  • All my pending job.. mebbe tmrw i can stay little bit longer at office.. *need to focus more on this new job.. lotsa technical term and process that i have to study.. It's a knowledge right. Make me excited exploring new things..

  • Try to complete my writing.. yea... sound silly but I excited to complete the love story after watched the TV9 program called Safiya.. lotsa new comer writer wrote novel so why not I complete mine... because I already started writing right.. U can read the beginning of the story here. But I not going to publish online anymore.. Will update about this later k...

  • Want to initiate my 'Anggun Boutique' project.. New items coming out.. Comel tak

  • Also I want to finish all the pending personal thingy.. like housing loan.. EPF.. etc..

Ok da... Missing my Repunzel already sob..sob.. Buat homework tau Bibie

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